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Go Airways - The Airline To Go With
17.06.2014 13:37

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Go Airways is a low-cost domestic airline that commenced its operations in November 2005. The airline, which belongs to Wadia group of companies, was started to meet the flying demands of people cheaply. It has two bases for its operations, one in Mumbai and the other in Delhi. And it has the state-of-the-art Airbus A320 aircraft. This is an airline that offers fares less than the ones charged by the other airlines. There are no refreshments though, but one can buy on board what is offered by the in-flight meal services. There is just one class of travel and that is the economy class. It does offer a premium service known as Go Business, wherein at a higher fare you get meals as well as choice seats in the starting rows with more leg space and an increase in luggage allowance.


The airline currently operates nearly 92 flights daily, which is a tremendous number considering that there are others too in the foray. It covers all the main cities and has links to the smaller towns as well. They have many periodic offers that give huge discounts. The web check-in allows one to check in the luggage in advance from the convenience of one’s home. The online booking done for this airline helps as one can get a fare much cheaper.  The service of Go Airways is excellent considering its cost factor. It has an edge over its competitors by offering value for money, quality and consistency. It has won two awards for quality and service. It is an airline to reckon with.


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