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What Air India Online Booking Offers Its Passengers
09.04.2014 13:54

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Air India is the national air-carrier of the country. It operates both the Boeing and Airbus aircraft and provides flight services to both the domestic and international destinations. Passengers find Air India online booking facility a simple and convenient mode of ticket reservation.


Apart from booking the flight tickets, the online services also allow the passengers to search for the flights and its schedules, to cancel or modify the booking, pay for the ticket online, request for a particular seat, enable web check-in and redeem the miles on the frequent flyer program.


The online facility allows the passengers to make a flight booking on some code share partners of the airline too. The number of passengers that can travel on one ticket is nine. This figure includes the children and the infants too. However, depending upon the aircraft and the Class of travel, this figure may vary.


Once the passengers make the reservations, they have the option to pay online with their Credit cards (Master, Visa, and Amex), debit cards and via the net banking services. After the confirmation of the payment, the online system generates an itinerary receipt, which the passengers will receive in their mail inbox.


The passengers should take a print of the receipt and produce it at the airport to gain entry. At the check-in counter also, they should display the itinerary receipt along with a valid identity proof for the confirmation. With Air India online booking facility, the passengers can travel hassle-free.


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